Fluttershy suggested。
“You want to put the two of us down here, right??”
Zhuang Yong immediately teased。
“You can pull it down!I know you can drink,You have fun,We are free?”
Qin Liang can’t do it at this time,Submissively。
“Yeah?You are afraid of me?”
Fluttershy starts again!
“Yes indeed!I’m just afraid of you,how?”
Qin Liang simply admitted it,First admit it,Then you can just stop drinking with her,So she can’t say anything。
“Isn’t it!you……You just confessed?”
Fluttershy is surprised,She didn’t expect Qin Liang to bow his head to herself so abnormally today!There is no way of doing things in front of me.。
“Yes,Are you satisfied??”
Qin Liang feels his head is big,I haven’t seen Xiaodie so much noise,What’s the situation today!
In fact, Xiaodie is also afraid that her father and Qin Liang have nothing to say,This is the desperate mischief,She is really kind,In order to ease the relationship between my father and Qin Liang,She also tried her best。
“You stinky girl,Sit quietly for me,No more fooling around!”
Zhuang Yong made a face,Deliberately pretending to be angry。
Xiaodie pouted and sat down……
Yang Shiyun in the distance,Always pay attention to watching the movement in the small pavilion,At the same time thinking curiously in my heart;Who is this little foreign girl?How could she deal with Qin Liang and the dealer leader,She seems to be young,He has a deep background。She guessed right this time,This girl who looks like a little foreign girl,Really has an extraordinary background!She is the only daughter of the treasured boss of the dealer,Qin Liang’s again“Little fiancee”,This background is really not ordinary!But in these two identities of Xiaodie