“Do not,It’s nothing”Clone Grey Wolf said in a hurry。
In the memory of the awakening of the cloned gray wolf,This is the first time Red Wolf has said thanks to him,Although the memory of Red Wolf’s past disappeared,But the cloned Gray Wolf believes,Someday,Red wolf will remember the memory of the past,Think of green grassland,Think of wolf fort,Thinking of Yangcun。
“Do not worry,Wait till the month is full,Will naturally regain consciousness and come back。”I didn’t care about Jilaiya and Miyue’s mission failure,Dashemaru said indifferently。
Konoha Village。
“Ok?Watergate,Look,It’s a toad。”
I heard a croaking sound at my feet,Jiuxina lowered his head and looked。
Watergate gently lifted the croaking toad and observed it“This toad should be the information from teacher Jilaiya!”
Although since rebirth,Jilai never found a chance to enter Miaomu Mountain to sign a contract,But he still cultivated a few talented tadpoles as psychic beasts.。
“Watergate,What is written on the paper?”
The result is a small note spit out of the toad’s mouth,After releasing the toad,Looking at the content on the note, Watergate’s face gradually showed a solemn expression。
“Teacher Jilaiya asked us,Teacher Jilaiya hopes that we can bring the crazy Siyue back safely。”
“Siyue?”Jiuxina frowned her brow。
“Is the son of Dashemaru,Because after the transformation of Dashewan,Became a ghoul。”Watergate reminded。
“So it’s him,I remember he seems to be a friend of our grandson。”
“Ok。”Water Gate nodded and said,“I’m going to bring Si Yue back,According to Teacher Jilaiya,The crazy Siyue will eat unscrupulously in the ninja world,In this case,It’s easy to cause the siege of Ninja world。”
“go together,Watergate。”