[How to eat passion fruit peel best]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Passion fruit is a very popular fruit. It is not only rich in vitamins, but also very delicious. Especially when passion fruit is squeezed together with other fruits, it tastes great. Passion fruit has very good flesh.Eating, the skin of passion fruit also has a lot of functions. Because the skin of passion fruit is relatively hard, people can’t eat it directly. You can use it to make tea and drink. Let ‘s take a look at how passion fruit peel is best.

Passion fruit has juicy flesh and high nutritional value.

Many people like to eat passion fruit.

The whole body of passion fruit is precious, its pulp and seeds are edible, and its peel is also useful.

Passion fruit peel can be used to extract pectin, which is an excellent stabilizer and thickener for food processing.

In fact, the skin of passion fruit is also edible.

However, this is not meant to be eaten directly, because the skin of passion fruit is relatively hard, so it cannot be digested directly in the stomach. It is generally used as medicine or soup, tea, and the nutrition of passion fruit peel is analyzed by high temperature.

Although the skin of passion fruit can be eaten, it is still relatively small in daily consumption. Its pulp and fruit juice are already rich in nutrients, and there is no need to supplement the nutrition through the skin.

(1) Passion Peel Sparkling Wine Take an appropriate amount of passion fruit, wash and dry it, cut it open, dig out the flesh, crush the peel, and allow the peel to ferment naturally for 50-100 hours. Add 1300 per 100 grams of fermented peel sauceAdd pectinase to the amount of -2600 units, add rice wine made from rice after enzymatic hydrolysis for 20-30 hours, adjust the enzymatic jam to an alcohol content of 10-15% V / V, continue at 25-40 ℃Fermentation for more than 24 hours; clarified by filtration, and becomes passion fruit wine with an alcohol content of less than 15% V / V.

Moderate intake of passion fruit sparkling wine can promote metabolism, clear, reduce plasma, purify blood, and have a certain effect on hypertension.

(2) Passion Peel Sugar Take 40 Passion Fruits, wash them into sugar, cut into pieces, dig out the flesh, cut the hard shell of the peel, cut into filaments, pour the water into the pot, add 2 kg of rock sugar, 100 mlHeat the water on medium heat and simmer to low heat and slowly heat until there is no moisture, then let cool.

Passion fruit peel is soft and has a sweet and sour taste, and it can eliminate fatigue and beauty.

(3) Passion Fruit and Winter Melon Pork Ribs Soup Wash an appropriate amount of Passion Fruit, dig out the flesh, and cook in the Winter Melon Pork Ribs Soup at the same time. The nutrition of the passion fruit peel can be analyzed through high temperature, making the soup base more sweet and sweet.Ingredients can nourish yin and kidney and strengthen immunity.