Today’s summer | What do you have to know about health tips?

Lixia is the seventh solar term in the year. After the summer, the weather is getting hot and hot, and there is a word of “fire” everywhere.

People are happy with summer, or suffering from summer, because of this “fire” word.

In the five internal organs, “heart” corresponds to “fire”, but the summer season is in the spring and summer alternating period. At this time, the heart is prosperous and not prosperous. If the living diet is slightly careless, it is vulnerable to cold and yang, affecting the heart.Normal functional activity.

At this time, we must know about health care, and we can’t ignore the summer food, clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. Let’s introduce to you how to eat this solar terms and how to keep them healthy.

How to move in the summer, 01, get up early, walk around the flowers, raise your heart, and protect your heart from getting up early and get up early, pay attention to Yangyang, and better protect your cardiovascular health, especially to avoid sweating.

It is recommended that everyone get up early in the morning in the shade of the house, take a walk between the flowers, can support the mind, help the sublimation of the body’s yang, enhance the metabolism.

02 midday meditation, strong heart care For office workers who are not convenient for nap, you can try to use closed eyes meditation instead of nap.

Method: Sitting in the front of the chair, the legs are separated from the shoulder width, and the thumb is between the first finger of the middle finger.

The eyes are slightly closed, and the tip of the tongue is against the upper jaw, keeping a smile.

The brain is conscious of the Dantian under the navel, using Yintang and Dantian steam traffic, the brain is empty, Imagine the flowers and green grass, the blue sky and white clouds and the blue sea.

Closed eyes meditation 15?
It takes about 20 minutes.

On the 03th night, the “five classics” were used to prevent heart palpitations. At night, the five fingers were used to click on the Du Meridian located in the middle of the head of the person and the bladder meridians distributed in the head. The gallbladder, a total of five meridians, was called the “five classics.”

Method: After going home for a little rest, comb 3?
5 times, each time more than 3?
5 minutes, it is best to comb 3 times before going to bed at night.

How to eat in summer? 01 Eat an egg is equivalent to a “micro-nutrition library”, which is the first choice for quickly replenishing the nutrients needed by the body in summer.

Especially in the summer, it is easy to have a heart-wrenching, you can eat the cold duck eggs to ease, it can not only go to the heart, or supplement the lost sodium salt caused by sweating sweat, restore physical strength.

02 drinking two porridge intake air humidity, the human body is also easy to feel heavy, sleepy, therefore, diet should pay attention to Qi and nourishing Yin, spleen dehumidification.

To introduce to you two seasons soup: 鈼?Yiqi Yangxin porridge materials: 30 grams of Radix Pseudostellariae, 30 grams of Chinese yam, 30 grams of lotus seeds (Lianxin), has been 200 grams.

Practice: After washing, add to the pot, add appropriate amount of water and cook until the rice is porridge, and take it warmly.

It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi

鈼?Maidong Lugen Soup Material: 30 grams of fresh reed root (or 15 grams of dry product), 15 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, put into a cup, pour boiling water, cover it for 10 minutes, or fry togetherTake it.

Practice: For summer sweat, dizziness, dry throat, boredom, constipation, etc. have a good intervention.

03 eat three fresh leeks: summer longevity vegetable leeks have heat and detoxification, dehumidification and cough, Tongli two stools, Lee to stop bleeding and other effects.

Generally, the amaranth we see on the market is red and white.

“Minnan Materia Medica” records: “White is in the air, the red into the blood.

White, sputum, red blood.

“The meaning is that the red leek can expel the blood, suitable for people with poor blood and bloody; white (root white leaf green) leek, can adjust the air machine, suitable for people with enthusiasm.

Broad Bean: Summer’s Happy Beans Chinese folks have always had the habit of 鈥淭ake the fresh summer day鈥? and the tender broad beans are one of them.

Broad beans can produce serotonin, and eating will make us feel better.

In addition, it is rich in gallstone, has a brain-enhancing effect on memory, and is especially suitable for candidates and mental workers.

Garlic: Summer antibacterial dishes after the summer, too much hot and humid rain, people are particularly prone to infection and diarrhea.

The allicin and garlicin contained in garlic can be said to be a good “natural antibiotic”.

Garlic should not be cooked too badly, so as to prevent the destruction of the succulent, the bactericidal effect is reduced; those who have poor digestion ability should eat less garlic.

04 make up four red summer nourishment, red food is most appropriate.

From the yin and yang five elements, red is the fire, into the heart, qi and blood to the mystery of the ancients in the summer with red.

Recommended one: tomato tomato, there is heat and detoxification, cooling blood and liver effect, sour taste can converge sweat, stop diarrhea, dampness, can prevent excessive sweating and lead to gas consumption, improve stomach and digestion.
Summer tomatoes are most abundantly exposed to sunlight, with high levels of lycopene and the best nutrition.

Recommendation 2: The red blood jujube red jujube has a very good blood-filling effect. They all say, “One day, three dates, youth is never old!”

“A lot of people often feel tired in the summer, and there will be corresponding relief when eating red dates.
In the summer, if you want to raise your heart and make up your heart, you should drink two black teas: choose to have 5 nuclear jujubes, 15 grams of hawthorn tablets and soak in water, you can raise your heart, make your heart and blood.

Recommendation 3: Cherry fresh cherries have a particularly high iron content, and the iron content per gram of cherries is 6-8 mg, thus promoting hemoglobin regeneration and anti-cancer effects.

Chinese medicine believes that cherries can replenish your heart and raise your heart.

Cherry not only makes the blood flow smooth, but also warms the heart.

Recommendation 4: Red bean ancient Li Shizhen incorporates red beans into the “heart valley”, which can both clear the heart and fill the heart and blood. It can be said to reduce swelling and diuresis, blood, strong heart and spleen.

Pay attention to sun protection, not to be cool. Summer is the most prosperous yang in the body. During the period of strong metabolism, proper exercise and sweating are good for the body. It should be carried out in the morning or in the evening when it is cool. Exercises include walking, jogging, and tai chi.Rhythmic aerobic exercise is dominant.

Apply sunscreen before going out, about 20 minutes to 30 minutes before going out to use sunscreen, and excessive sun exposure can accelerate skin aging.

Moderate use of air conditioning, food in the refrigerator should also be eaten at room temperature for a while to avoid diarrhea caused by cold stimulation.

Massage acupoints to maintain the heart of the inner point is the heart of the umbrella, with a two-way adjustment of heart rate.

Practice: When the acupoint is taken, the palm can be clenched upwards, the palms are everted and tight, and two aligned ribs are visible on the arm, and the distance between the two tendons is two inches above the palm stripes.

When massaging, use your thumb to align it with the inner point of the opposite arm, press down to keep the pressure constant, and rotate it until it feels sore, just one minute, replace the opposite side, pay attention to 鎻塝ou can’t be suffocating.

Frequently pressing 鎻? you can feel an inexplicable sensation in the front and rear arms bent to the heart, this is the stimulating effect to be achieved, but pay attention to the excessive force.

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