immediately,A Yinyu finger,Pulling this soul bone towards the position of his right leg,Slowly blend in with her body。
Followed by,A Yin’s breath quickly rose。
Level 58,
Level 59,
Ah Yin’s cultivation was directly restored to the critical point of the Soul Emperor,If you go up further, you need a spirit ring。
But Ah Yin himself is a soul beast cultivator,Their spirit ring can be obtained by splitting themselves。
as expected,Ah Yin instantly released his martial soul。Dozens of delicate blue silver grass blades wrapped her body。
at the same time,The five spirit rings beneath her, two yellow, two purple and one black, appeared around her.。
This state lasted for a long time,Ah Yin’s breath is completely stable,A darker ten thousand year spirit ring appeared from Ah Yin。
At the same time, Ah Yin’s breath soared again,I didn’t stop until I reached the 65th level of the Soul Emperor。
The blue silver emperor’s right leg bone had fallen from Ah Yin’s body,Now it’s the original owner。Ah Yin absorbs this soul bone easily,It only took more than an hour to complete the absorption of this soul bone。