“It seems that Xiaoyu is in a small temper.,Don’t come to us.。”
The other three men also revealed a smile。
Just this smile means deep long。
Inside the hall,Everyone’s face has become ugly。
Two leader,“Big leader,Miao Wuling is too arrogant.,and……Brought all the spirit,There are also many big success,This is the heart, it is true.。”
Miao Wuling!Two heads of the original Tiger Mountain,The strength is second only to the father of the nine maiden。
Today, it has reached the middle of life and death.,It was his first split out.。
There is no press to reflect the father of nine maiden,Miao Wuming’s prestige reached the vertex。
Too many masters and resources that year。
And these two hundred years,It is also the most powerful,Mighty。
“Zhuang Hong,I am going to meet the leader。”
Nine mother has been completely fixed,Voice ancient wells。
Zhuang Hong immediately responded,In addition, the eight captains also stood up.,Collectively go out。
……Outside the main hall is an extremely spacious and flat square。
The eight teams of the Tiger Mountain are all stood.。
They come from the martial arts of the eight brigades。
In order to show the war of Tiger Mountain,All combatants and guards are http://www.sxshengshi.cn all。
There is also an exception……The ninth team who has just been established in less than half a year has not seen the figure.。
They also know the importance of this agenda。
Every martial artifact is displayed in his most powerful side.。
only——These people come,After landing,It turned out to have unscrupulous release。
Be uncomfortable,All the marthesis of the eight brigions have changed color,Flat type in a moment of confusion。
Someone will refund,Someone is cold-sweating,Someone is not observed,One ass is sitting on the ground。
“Shameless,Even unlearable!”
All warfare,Binding。
This is a provocation,Unscrupulous provocation!Zhuang Hong, etc. who came out,The face has become ugly。
But he is not a common man.,Soon convergence。
this is the truth。