How to create a fragrant life with the New Year’s Fragrance Plan 6

Lead: There are many household debris, it will inevitably produce some odor, effectively solve the problem without cost, and can use a small thing to have a fragrant home!

Xiaobian share the common sense of healthy life, telling you how to make your home aroma and pleasant with 6 kinds of small wonderful things, coffee grounds, herbal tea.

. common and how, come and learn!

  Solve the smell in the home or in the car, with a full fragrance, the most fundamental way must always open the window, let the fresh air in, and often clean and clean.

If there is a ventilation fan, it can be operated for 5 minutes every hour, and the window next to the fan will be opened to allow air to circulate, and the air cleaner will be turned on to remove dust.

  In addition, you can have some choices.


Bamboo Charcoal & Prepared Charcoal Bamboo Charcoal, which is made of long carbon and porous, is the secret weapon for dehumidification and deodorization!

Suitable for places that were earlier than wardrobes, cabinets, shoe cabinets, furniture or deodorizers as refrigerators, and are not dangerous!


Green plants & fragrant flowers plant green plants indoors, which can effectively improve the home air!

It is recommended to place it on the window with sunshine, so that it can smoothly carry out photosynthesis and reduce carbon dioxide!

If you want to have a natural fragrance, you can also consider putting orchids, magnolias, perfumed lilies and other fragrant flowers!


Herbal Tea You can go to the vanilla store or herbal shop to buy some herbs, such as thyme, mint, lavender, chamomile in the room, to eliminate odor or insects, use unlimited!

If you like to drink herbal tea, you can put them in a microwave oven to dry and reuse them after drinking. It is not wasted at all, even to achieve the purpose of fresh air!


Coffee grounds sprinkle coffee grounds on a clean ashtray, leaving only the aroma of the coffee and removing the smell of the cigarette.

In addition, the coffee grounds can be dried, placed in a bag or container, and then placed in a shoe cabinet or toilet, which also has the effect of deodorizing and avoiding odors!


Fragrance Fragrance uses scent to cover up the odor, and can’t achieve the deodorizing effect. If it is used in the stench space, it can be used to improve the odor. Although it can not cure the problem, it is a cure method.


Aromatherapy essential oils are physiological, psychological and spiritual health. More and more aromatherapy essential oils are widely used. Its natural aromatic smell is of course an excellent fragrance!

As long as a bottle of empty spray can + pure water + a few drops of pure essential oil (organic better) DIY, is the best air freshener!

  Editor’s Note: These common and calibrated little creatures can effectively remove the strange smell of home, which is a good choice for healthy living.

As long as you pay more attention to the details of life, there may be a lot of things that we think are wastes are actually treasures, such as tea, after drinking tea, rushing tea into the toilet can also effectively remove the smell of the toilet!

Let us feel the life and create a fragrant life!