Many parents have long become familiar,Many people are talking。
About 20 minutes,Ringtone,Once, about 3 minutes,The school’s central land has continued to have a student row.。
The voice of the happy call and the children of the children have become a piece.。
I have seen this scene in the past,There is no too much feelings in the summer.。
But today’s mentality has undergone great changes.。
Bustling,Bubble,A simple cheek,There are also a smile of a happy family.……This is a bright side。
World this is this。
Summer lights have some scattered,Soon, it is concentrated。
He is far away from a familiar little girl figure,Just as the classmates,Row team out。
Summer mouth immediately evoked the smile,All thoughts relax at this moment。
This team is coming out,Summer is far away,Call a sound。
“Small flower。”
Little flowers that are looking forward to seeing,I saw it after summer,I am happy to ran now.。
“Brother……”Summer laughed and took her up,It turned into a circle in place,Nor don’t care about surrounding。
The little flowers have a dark and bright big eyes full of joyful colors.,The face is even more revealing a sign-upless smile.,Cut the summer arm,I am afraid that he will disappear.。
“elder brother,The little flower hasn’t seen you for a long time.。”
Like lost child in the sea,Suddenly I saw a loved ones,The mood of the little flower is happy,Some pitiful troops。
“Is a brother?。”
Summer holding her to the parking lot。
He didn’t put the little flower as a small child.,Alongside,While serious,“after a while,My brother is still going out.,And it will take a long time for a long time。”
How long will you take?……”Small flowers catch the summer arm,The little face is full of worry。
“Brother doesn’t know how long,so,After the brother goes,Be good,do you know,After you have a baby,You have to help my brother to protect him.(she)。”
Little flower is staying,“Is going for so long??”
“Um,Brother has a very very important thing to do。”
Summer look is very serious,Spirate,“Don’t tell others,This is a secret between us,I am also the first to tell Xiaohua.。”
The little flower of the flower is bright.,Then follow and dull,Carefully,“How long does the brother come back??”
“I do not know either,But I promise you,As long as things are finished,I will come back immediately.。”
“How many years need?”
“Uh……I do not know either。”