Seeing that two people just rub like this high heat,She can’t help but envy。
Even if you think about it, you should also get the lace news.,But the team around her is there is no such ability.。
Just when she hesitated how to improve the heat。
Not far away from the sound。
“Wine,Wine,This is a good wine made of pure food.,Drink,Guarantee that this wine is not drinking。”
I heard this,Di Xiaojun hesitated,Also took a bottle to help the surroundings。
The Ma Xiaoliang, which is not far away, and Zhou Qiansheng is also full.。
Zhou Qiaoxiao saw Ma Xiaoliang to put the wine,Don’t look at Ma Xiaoliang。
This eye is the audience of the live broadcast.。
“Beautiful beauty,Even if you are angry, it is so beautiful.。”
“I suddenly regret it.,Good cabbage was given by pigs.。”
“do not talk,I cried。”
The audience facing the live broadcast is so ridicule。
Ma Xiaoliang is also laughing:“You have not played,I am calling near the water building first.。”
This exit,Zhou Qiaoqin is also stunned.。
Because Ma Xiaoliang is undoubtedly proves that they are together.。
She clearly remembers that Ma Xiaoliang said that they can’t help but unexpected.。
Because it is not good news for her open to her.。
There are a lot of big brothers in the list, but they are rushing to Zhouqiao.。
Once it is disclosed,No gift from these people,Zhou Qiaoge’s audience is popular with 100% drop to a terrible degree.。
Before Zhou Qiaoxiansheng also wants to speak。
After all, she has been with Ma Xiaoliang for a year.。
Although the two have their own purposes before they have,But I have been working together.,That is really feeling.。
It is impossible to say that there is no feelings.。
Ma Xiaoliang naturally saw Zhou Qiaoxiao。
At this time, the content of the bulk between the live broadcast is also different.。
“Sad,Actually, there is a Lord。”
“Urine yellow。”
“Wake up”Looking at the barrage between live broadcast,Zhou Qiaoqi is also a smile。
“Then let’s wake him up.,I will continue to eat first.,This yellow chicken is too delicious.”Ma Xiaoliang flew up with Zhou Qiaoxiao。
There is very little popular among Di Xiaofang’s live broadcast.。
With the winery of the winery,Many people are also starting to taste。
And Yang Li’s arrangements have also played a key role。
Invite everyone to start drinking。
Li Mu Bai is all mobilized,Once someone finds that there is no intention to put things in someone elsewear,Go straight。
Especially a girl’s wine glass,That is not tolerate。
And the reason why the waterfare feast is on this street.,More still more monitoring here,See better。
A hot dish,Table on the side of the cold dishes。
Everyone is also pushing a cup,No lively。